Top ten web companies in Sri Lanka?



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Top ten web companies in Sri Lanka?
« : September 28, 2018, 06:17:12 PM »
we come across various well-known web hosting companies. When we need a good web hosting company only well known company is not enough I mean the web hosting company should fulfill every need of the client to the fullest. When we buy such service we should always go through following things.

Firstly Know the Different type of Website Hosting Services:

1. Operating system you are using:

2. Security:

3. Read detail Review of web hosting companies:

4. Budget:

5. Never overlook the Terms and Conditions:

6. Powerful customer support:

After all the analysis, one should not forget the most vital concern of 24x7 customer support. IT is the thing you can drop a good well-known company too can't give online support.

Cheap Web Hosting Company, Best Domain Name Hosting, Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting are few characteristics one should rely on while choosing a good web hosting company.

According to my Study mentioning few best web hosting companies recently in Sri Lanka.

1. Lanka Host
2. PEEK Hosting
3. Hostmyweb
4. LK WebHosting
5. sbscc Hosting
6. Kandyan Host
7. LankanHost
9. Privilege Server
10. Mclanka

So the choice is yours to me personally Hostmyweb is Cheap Web Hosting Company more preferable as has been satisfied with their services and approach and provides  Best Domain Name Hosting, Cheap Cloud VPS Server Hosting and various other features.


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